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The Golden Globes may be over at NBC. The network gave the awards show a one year deal to see if they could come back from the racism scandal and other issues that have plagued the wonky group.

Alas, the ratings were the lowest ever, and reviews were sour. Globes host Jerrod Carmichael even offended the Beverly Hilton Hotel by calling it “the hotel that killed Whitney Houston.” The BHH is part owned by Todd Boehly, the owner of Dick Clark Productions and home to the Globes for the last 20 years. They will likely not be invited back. The added insult is that Boehly took over the Hollywood Foreign Press. Ouch three times!

The Globes don’t have a lot of options in the TV world, say insiders. ABC can’t take them because they have the Oscars. Netflix just signed up the Screen Actors Guild Awards. Amazon Prime could do it, and so could CBS. The latter won’t want to pay the huge licensing fee — $60 million — that the Globes have gotten in the past. The HFPA relies on that money to keep their members in style. Amazon has the money but not the inclination as they have few nominees in the first place.

So what will happen? Is this the end for this troubled show?

Meantime, the far more legit Critics Choice Awards air this Sunday on the CW Network at 8pm. Some of the group of 500 or so multicultural diverse actual journalists cross over with covering the Globes and have been invited to the Globes ceremony in the past. This year, we were all banned from the Globes show because they’re feeling the competition. The HFPA continues to be a mean-spirited little organization.

Watch the CCA’s! Chelsea Handler is hosting and she, unlike Carmichael, will be funny!

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