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Tom Cruise is only taking his producer’s hat seriously when it comes to the Producer’s Guild, but not for the phony baloney National Bored of Review.

Last night, Cruise skipped the annual fan based gala thrown by the NBR even though they named “Top Gun Maverick” their Best Picture. The NBR thought they’d get Cruise as a big celebrity guest. But he was too busy working on “Mission Impossible 17” to fly in for the event.

The biggest star at the NBR dinner was Steven Spielberg, who won for directing “The Fabelmans.” Spielberg was accompanied by wife Kate Capshaw and, truth to tell, he deserved the award. But didn’t he direct the Best Picture, also? (It’s possible Cruise stayed away since he and Spielberg reportedly didn’t see eye to eye on “War of the Worlds” back in 2005. Cruise set up Scientology booths on the set.)

You’d think if Tom had felt there was some importance, he could have flown in on one of his Air Force jets!

The NBR was easily overshadowed by events last night in Los Angeles: a Netflix event for the Critics Choice Awards featuring Kate Hudson and Guillermo del Toro, a Universal Focus party for Cate Blanchett and “Tar,” and a Warner Bros. birthday party for “Elvis,” with star Austin Butler. You see, Hollywood doesn’t take the NBR seriously either. On Saturday night, most of the people mentioned were getting awards at the famous Palm Springs Film Festival.

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