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UPDATED TUES 11AM: The Whine and Dine with Prince Harry brought in over 11 million viewers when everything was counted up. That’s an increase of about 15% over the newsmag’s average football season numbers. He should come back next week so Anderson Cooper can ask him how many he has in staff at his Los Angeles home, who makes the food, does the gardening and dusting. How about it?>

EARLIER: Nothing like airing a little dirty laundry to get the ratings up.

Last night, Prince Harry’s kvetch fest with Anderson Cooper added a little over 1 million viewers to the average “60 Minutes” ratings. Total viewers came to 10.5 million. That was an increase of 13.6% since last week.

“60 Minutes” averages around 9 million total viewers coming off of the weekly Sunday football game. When the season is over, “60 Minutes” comes in around 6 to 7 million a week.

Last night’s ratings don’t include delayed viewing or YouTube hits. CBS has a bunch of clips on there as well.

Harry’s hitting all the shows this week, throwing his family under the bus over and over. He can’t go home again, but at least he’s got a $30 million mansion to roam around in, in Los Angeles. No more meat pies! Just a lot of kale! And tons of “lettuce” (money).

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