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The pop chart week has concluded and SZA is still at number 1 with her album, “SOS.”

The funny part is that “SOS” sold only 770 copies in CDs, LPs, and paid downloads. But with streaming the numbers topped up to 123,000.

Number 2 is Taylor Swift’s “Midnights.” This past week came to 63,000 in physical copies. It had an equal amount in streaming, coming to around 113,000.

In terms of physical sales, Swift still comes out on top.

Very few physical albums sold the week, with the exception of Harry Styles, Michael Jackson’s “Thriller,” and Olivia Rodrigo. BTS singer RM sold a total 17,286 including 14,602 physical. BTS is not a bigger seller in the US but they do get a lot of hype.

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