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Wow. After a lackluster week before December 25th, Broadway came roaring back the week ending New Year’s Eve.

Box office was up by a shocking $17 million, totaling $51 million. That’s insane.

Many shows claimed records for their theaters including “Funny Girl” and “Hadestown.”

Fourteen shows played to 100% capacity — or more. “The Lion King,” “Music Man,” and “Wicked” led the way, “The Lion King” took in over $4 million in one week! “Hamilton” was not far behind with $2.7 million, and “Funny Girl” right behind it with $2.4 million.

Some smaller shows, like “Ohio State Murders” and “Top Dog/Underdog” did very well, also. So did “Leopoldstadt.”

Well, they always say Broadway is dead. But it’s not. Welcome back, everyone!

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