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I thought this was wonderful celebrity karma.

Apparently, according to the tabloids, Lorenzo Lamas’s 23 year old daughter is dating Leonardo Di Caprio, who is 48.

Lamas has been married five times, each time to a younger woman. He’s 64. His new fiancee is 37, which is old by his standards.

Lamas is okay with the kid dating Leo. Why not? He’s rich and successful. And powerful, The daughter, Victoria, a model, could get an acting career out of it if nothing else.

Lorenzo told the NY Post: “She’s very smitten. I told her to treat the relationship like a holiday — just enjoy it as much as you can for as long as it lasts. And if it lasts for more than a typical holiday, great. But if not, then just guard your heart, you know? Because she’s very young.”

At least Lorenzo, an actor on “Falcon Crest” in the 1980s, isn’t a hypocrite! His mother, actress Arlene Dahl, was married six times. The last husband was 18 years her junior. His father, Fernando Lamas (brilliantly lampooned by Billy Crystal on “SNL”) was only married three times. Dahl was his second wife. His third was famous movie swimmer Esther Williams.

The Lamas’s — or Lamases — like marriage that’s for sure! They must get bored easily!

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