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ABC is turning over all of tomorrow basically to Barbara Walters. That’s as it should be, I guess. She filled their hours over decades with celebrity specials and exclusive interviews.

Sunday night from 8 to 10pm there’s a two hour special featuring all of her greatest hits. There are interviews with all of the ABC News people including, and this should be good, Diane Sawyer. Barbara was incredibly competitive with Sawyer, often demanding that she get first crack at big name interviews. Sawyer’s no slouch, so they really went mano a mano.

All day tomorrow as well on ABCNews.com there will be highlights from Walters on “The View.” Barbara had a unique deal on “The View.” She co-owned it with the network. When they forced her out in 2013 they had to buy her out also. She lost control of the show after steering it from day one when she invented it.

And then of course when “The View” returns live next week, we’ll see rending of garments, and so on from Whoopi and Joy — I don’t think the others even knew Barbara — and maybe we’ll see some of the other former hosts show up. Barbara didn’t have much use for Elizabeth Hasselbeck or Debbie Matenopolous, but I’ve no doubt Walters is their personal hero now.

Sorry to be cynical, but the after glow today is a little blinding considering what really went on. Let’s see how long this love fest lasts.

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