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The push to get the audience numbers up for the Kennedy Center Honors paid off last night.

Ratings were just over 5 million total, and that’s an increase from last year by about 1 million. The key demo was the same as last year, 0.4.

The audience came for the inductees which included a mega rock band, U2, an R&B goddess, Gladys Knight. a country superstar Amy Grant. Then there was also George Clooney, beloved movie and TV star who’s had a big hit all fall with “Ticket to Paradise.”

So this was a payoff, the first real TV hit for the producers and Kennedy Center since they forced George Stevens, Jr. out after 37 years. (He’s the one who deserves an honor, btw.)

So who’s still not in? Burt Bacharach, which is criminal; Jane Fonda, absolutely; the Rolling Stones, who keep dodging the honors; Clive Davis (now that Berry Gordy is in, Clive should be next), and Denzel Washington.

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