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The Best Song short list came out yesterday from the Motion Picture Academy.

The artists who made the list could turn the Oscars into the Grammys!

Among those who made the cut are Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Taylor Swift, David Byrne, The Weeknd, Rita Wilson, Sofia Carson, and the gang from ‘RRR.” That’s quite a group.

But the one actual musical of the season, “Roald Dahl’s Matilda,” will be absent. “Matilda” is from Netflix, which dumped the movie into a few theaters for Oscar eligibility. But the songs aren’t eligible since they all come from a Broadway show and were not written specifically for a movie.

In fact, so far “Matilda” doesn’t even have a soundtrack album. It’s a stealth release at best.

The other pop stars, however, are in a hot race. LCD Soundsystem’s brilliant song from “White Noise,” is also a possibility. Can you imagine LCD Soundsystem on the Oscars? That alone would make the show worth watching. Ditto the “RRR” performers. Could they knock out Lady Gaga and her “Top Gun” song? Everything is up in the air, just like the planes from that movie!

Here are a couple of the videos involved. There’s nothing for “When I Grow Up,” the best song from “Matilda.” But here’s “Revolting Children.”

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