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The weekend was cold and dark, so people were inside watching TV.

On Sunday, Paramount Network unveiled two major movie stars, Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren, in “1923.” The “Yellowstone” prequel was a hit, of course. The total viewers were a solid 1 million more than for the previous time slot holder, Sylvester Stallone in “Tulsa King.” Ford and Mirren came in close to 4.7 million divided between the Paramount channel and CMT. The numbers will rise with delayed viewing.

Over on “Saturday Night Live,” ratings for the Austin Butler- Lizzo show were 4.3 million on NBC. That’s a very good number for this season. But the show fell back to Earth after the big Steve Martin -Martin Short installment the prior week. That one had 5 million fans. If “SNL” had promoted that this was Cecily Strong’s final show, they might have done better. Instead they released the news at 9:30pm on the same night.

“SNL” will return in January or February, and hopefully the numbers will increase as the new cast solidifies and hosts/musical guests get better. How else to get through February?

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