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Nothing succeeds like success!

“Saturday Night Live” jumped to just over 5.1 million viewers this weekend. Beautiful! The combo of Steve Martin, Martin Short, and Brandi Carlile did the trick.

The show was up over 1 million viewers from the previous week, and around 900,000 from the prior weeks.

Selena Gomez popped up as a cameo, and did Kieran Culkin.

This installment of “SNL” will win a bunch of Emmys. It was just terrific, like the old days, really well written and executed. Short told me when I saw him Sunday night at “Some Like it Hot” on Broadway that he and Steve really worked hard on it and contributed to all the writing. You could tell.

Congrats to Lorne Michaels, who I’m sure is happy to see his numbers go up! (And not on a cardio chart!) Michaels also has a huge hit on Broadway with “Leopoldstadt,” which just extended through June and will win a bunch of awards.

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