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Kirstie Alley died yesterday from what her family described as a “recently discovered” cancer. She died in Florida, where she had a home near the headquarters of her cult like “religion,” Scientology. Alley was devoted to Scientology and its wacky beliefs, and some people are concerned that’s what kiled her.

L. Ron Hubbard, the nutty science fiction writer who founded Scientology, insisted the cult philosophies could cure cancer. Of course, it was a lie. But all of Scientology is based on lies and weird off-your-rocker stuff that has been proven wildly dangerous.

Mike Rinder, a famous Scientology refugee, wrote on his blog today (I added the bold face type):

Though Hubbard claimed to have the cure for cancer — especially on NOTs (New Era Dianetics for OTs) — two of the more prominent Scientologists to have died (Kirstie and Kelly Preston) both succumbed to the disease, yet both had done all there was to do on NOTs. (See blog post L. Ron Hubbard on Cancer) Like the other cures promised by Hubbard in Dianetics and thereafter, the real tragedy is that people believe that Scientology auditing and/or PTS handling will resolve their physical conditions. Often, seeking solutions through auditing, chiropractors or the latest fad cures only available in Mexico, they delay resorting to medical treatment until it is too late. I fear this may have been the case with Kirstie given the wording of the announcement that her cancer was “only recently discovered.” These days it is not common for cancer to be rapidly terminal if it is diagnosed early.

It’s perhaps the saddest aspect of the whole scientology bag of worms — that people die sooner than they should because of their faith in the promises of Hubbard. He certainly didn’t live up to his own claims — he was a physical and mental mess when he died.

Kirstie Alley was very funny on “Cheers” and in some of her movies. She wrecked her career with her fealty to Scientology, to Donald Trump, and to becoming obsessed with weight. She had a good career but could have had a better one if she hadn’t turned into a caricature of herself. This is a sad end, sadder all the more if she could have been treated.

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