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Former model Paulina Porizkova thought she’d cash in with a memoir. The book is called “No Filter,” and was published back on November 15th.

Now NPD Book Scan reports that “No Filter” had no sales. In its first two weeks, the book– full of “alternative facts” — sold just 3,300 copies.

On Amazon.com, “No Filter” is sitting around number 6,126.

“No Filter” was promoted by Porizkova at the expense of her dead ex husband. Ric Ocasek of the Cars. Paulina threw him under a fleet of buses. Not only that, she continually told half truths about their break up, her dating life before Ocasek’s death, and so on. Ocasek wrote in his will that she’d abandoned him.

And Ocasek wasn’t the only person she wasn’t telling the truth about. In the book, Porizkova completely erased her relationship with screenwriter Ed Solomon, with whom she was living when Ocasek died. Recently she actually wrote on her Instagram page that she wasn’t used to dating, even though after Solomon she briefly was associated with “Social Network” writer Aaron Sorkin.

When the public senses things aren’t quite true, they react by ignoring a memoir.

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