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Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas Is You” may have finally reached saturation point.

After a long run of an annual zoom to the top of the charts, the Phil Spector styled hit, written by Walter Afanasieff, is not having a powerhouse season.

On both Spotify and iTunes, “All I Want” is hovering around number 10 or 11. On the iTunes album chart, the “All I Want” album is lodged at 35,

On Spotify, Brenda Lee’s chestnut, “Rockin Around the Christmas,” is doing way better at number 3,

Is it possible people have finally tired of “All I Want’? Is all anyone wants this Christmas is a break from this song? Let’s hope not. Mariah doesn’t have big selling records anymore. She counts on this one to get her through the year. She’s dubbed herself the Queen of Christmas because of it. But you know, the real Queen has passed on, and maybe this went with her!

Stay tuned…

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