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Go figure. “The Conners” has turned into a hit again. This is very improbable. But here’s the story.

Last night the Roseanne spin off hit its highest total audience in over two years. The show went over 4 million viewers. It hasn’t done that since November 4, 2020. This is amazing, really, because this show was dead. But now it’s scoring a million more viewers than last season.

What changed? The time slot. “The Conners” was always an 8pm show. Then two seasons ago it was dislodged to 9pm and dropped significantly. Now it’s back at 8pm and booming. Frankly, with all this success they should bring Michael Fishman back as DJ. The show doesn’t feel right without him. Attention, Bruce Helford.

“The Conners” is not only growing, it’s also beating the rest of the ABC Wednesday night schedule by thirty to fifty percent. The drop off for the rest of the night averages 2.5 million. “Abbott Elementary” should be an 8pm show another night. It’s on too late.

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