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He who hesitates…is a Nowhere Man.

Paul McCartney’s crate of 80 remastered singles, called “The 7″ Singles Box,” has sold out its run of 3,000 limited edition units.

The box sold for $612.00 on McCartney’s website. All his solo singles, from “Another Day” to “Band on the Run” and a bunch of rare gems, are featured, A side and B side, with original art reproduced. Today is the official release, although some orders in the US are a little behind in shipping.

Are these buyers keeping their boxes? There was a limit of two, so in some cases people are keeping one and selling one. And guess what? The secondary market is booming.

The 7″ Singles crate is now going for anywhere between $1,100 and $2,500 on ebay. That’s pretty crazy. But the box was designed in its limited number and scope to become a hot collectors item. And it worked.

Luckily, the 7″ Singles are all available in one entity for listening on Spotify. I devoured a lot of it yesterday. I was very happy to see “Daytime Nighttime Suffering,” one of Paul’s hidden gems, and “Love Comes Tumbling Down,” an unreleased hit produced by Phil Ramone. Toward the last third of the box, chronologically, there are a number of singles only released in the UK. But all the big hits are here and sound better than ever. A few things are still missing– Paul is not the best curator of his material — but all in all, it’s a monster of a catalog.

Will Paul make more of these? I hope so. And maybe put it out on CD at some point. But the 45 rpm crate is just going to get more valuable fast. And no, I do not have one! Spotify is just fine! Again, the sound is amazing, even your phone.

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