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UPDATE: Reviews are at 60% on Rotten Tomatoes and dropping. With some positive thoughts, most reviewers are nixing this film.


Remember how everyone was so upset about Will Smith slapping Chris Rock on live TV? Not anymore.

Tonight in Westwood not far from the Dolby Theater, Hollywood threw Smith a big red carpet gala premiere for his movie, “Emancipation,” like nothing ever happened.

Judging from clips of the red carpet, not one “press” person asked Smith about the slap. They stuck to the script and just asked about the movie. Amazing.

At the screening, Smith was introduced on stage to heavy applause and cheers.

“Thank you, thank you all!” Smith said. He made a joke about “standing in the light” when his spot on stage was lit up. He said, joking, “It’s a metaphor.”

He continued: “This project was an absolute monster of a project to make.” Smith praised his producers and crew and director, Antoine Fuqua, who was Zoomed in from Italy. He said, “This film is all about love.”

On the red carpet, Variety asked Smith about the film and he mentioned the beatings slaves took during the time of this movie. It was unironic. He did not mention the beating he tried give Chris Rock in front of 10 million people.

Emancipation opens in a dozen theaters on Friday, followed one week later by a run on Apple TV Plus and in 200 theaters. Smith is hoping for an Oscar nomination even though he’s banned from attending the Oscars. He would have to overcome Colin Farrell, Brendan Fraser, Bill Nighy, Austin Butler, and Hugh Jackman, none of whom has any controversy.


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