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Yes, even Steven Spielberg can get COVID. Sources says he has it, so does one of his “Fabelmans” producers. The timing could not be worse. Spielberg was set for a week of “Fabelmans” press this week in New York.

Indeed, we were hoping he’d turn up tonight at the Gotham Awards when Michelle Williams gets her big tribute. His actual set appearances included one at the DGA with Martin Scorsese, and another with Steve Martin hosting a Q&A and screening. But a DGA source tipped me off. No Spielberg this week. Rats!

First, of course, wishing the famed director a speedy get well. We need him in good shape for Oscar season. “The Fabelmans” is the best movie of the year and must be seen. Michelle Williams should be a Best Actress nominee and Judd Hirsch is a cinch as a Supporting Actor nominee.

Meantime, to all the Guild and press people who go to the screenings this week, you’ll love the movie even while Spielberg is home sleeping and drinking green tea.

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