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Balthazar restaurant owner Keith McNally is famous for his candid Instagram posts. A few days ago he reprinted his manager’s report from the great Soho eatery. Leonardo DiCaprio came in with his manager (maybe Rick Yorn) with his trademark baseball cap clamped down on his head so he could be incognito. But everyone recognizes him, the hat draws more attention. Here’s the report. And below, a photo of Leo at Martin Scorsese’s 80th birthday party from last week. Scorsese’s daughter Francesca, also celebrating a birthday, posted a pic of Leo and also one of herself Jennifer Lawrence and Margot Robbie.

The report:

“One of the highlights of the day today was that Leonardo DiCaprio came in as a walk-in today just after we finished brunch service. His agent checked him in at the door and I seated him and his guest for transition on table 61. He came in disguise with a mask and a baseball cap. Despite being incognito, he was still very recognizable. Especially by starstruck guests. Some of the staff including me (I’m embarrassed to say!), wanted to do something VERY SPECIAL for Leonardo, but you were quite adamant that we do Absolutely Nothing for him, so we didn’t. Which is kind of a pity, but you’re boss. (FOR NOW!) Just joking!”

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