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Jennifer Lopez, aka JLo, won’t get the message. She’s a great dancer, an ok actress, but recording star?

Her last album, released in 2014, sold just 81,000 copies. That should have been a sign.

But no, JLo persists. She announced today she will release a new album in 2023 called “This is Me…Now.” So get ready.

“This is Me…Now” will be released on LA Reid’s Hitco Records, possible via Warner Music. The announcement today comes exactly 20 years after her last actual hit album, “This is Me…Then.” Since then she’s recorded several albums that have sold an average of about 250,000 copies apiece or less.

Lopez is not a great singer. On TV shows, at least, she’s famous for lip synching. On records, she’s often been accused of mixing her voice with other singers to make it sound better. That was certainly the case years ago when Ashanti was her singer on “I’m Real,” her big hit with Ja Rule.

There’s a tracklist of upcoming songs, but no credits yet (they will all have Lopez as co-writer, don’t worry). One of them is called “Letter to Ben,” because the marriage to Ben Affleck must be exploited in some way.

Brace yourselves…

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