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Kanye West’s Thanksgiving Tweets are part of his 19th nervous breakdown. Now pushing his “Ye 2024” presidential run, Kanye posted one Tweet claiming Adidas has frozen his accounts and is suing him for $275 million.

West can be seen in the video below voicing support for white supremacist Nick Fuentes, calling him a “loyalist,” saying Trump really likes him. (Fuentes has suggested in videos that the Army just go in and kill all the Blacks.)

West says in the video when he met with Trump he said, “Why when you had the chance didn’t you free the January 6th-ers?”

In the other Tweet Kanye recalls to a toadie his meeting with Donald Trump at Mar-a-Lago. Kanye says Trump told him not to run for president because he will lose. He also called Kim Kardashian a name that had to be bleeped from the video. West responded, “Hey, that’s the mother of my children.”

From this video, it appears Kanye wants some kind of approbation from Trump, who he even offered his running mate position to as a peace offering.

Here are two of the Tweets. There’s a third one issued in the last hour that includes a clip from Tucker Carlson. I can’t post it because I can’t stand Carlson, but you can find it if it’s important to you.

What’s clear is that Kanye West is going down in flames. No one can stop him from self destructing. If he weren’t an anti-semite racist you might feel sorry for him. He’s clickbait but soon things are going to be much worse for him.

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