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Bruce Springsteen was the musical guest for three days last week on the Tonight Show. On the first night, he sat for a long interview, and then performed.

On Tuesday and Wednesday he just performed. All of it was magic, and a real for the Tonight Show.

So how did it go ratings wise? There’s good news and bad news.

The good news is that on Wednesday, the third show, Fallon beat Colbert and Kimmel soundly in the key age range. Fallon also ran a strong second place to Colbert on Wednesday in overall viewers.

The bad news is that on Monday and Tuesday Springsteen made little difference. Fallon finished in third place. Go figure.

Why was Wednesday so hot? Maybe word of mouth from the first two nights. Also, the guest line up on Wednesday on Fallon was A plus: Glenn Powell from “Top Gun Maverick” and Anna Taylor Joy from “The Queen’s Gambit” and now “The Menu” were the guests. Then Bruce came out with his huge group and performed a beautiful version of the Commodores song, “Nightshift.”

Meantime, Springsteen’s album, “Only the Strong Survive” is number 5 on iTunes. It’s also pulled “Born to Run” and “Springsteen’s Greatest Hits” onto the top 50.

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