Home business Musk-a-tears: Tesla Stock Dropping Fast Monday After Massive Recall, Twitter Chaos (UPDATING)

Elon Musk has his hands full this morning.

Tesla stock price is dropping fast. It’s trading at an all time low– around $169 — and going fast. It’s down 6% from Friday, and around 10 bucks off from Friday as well.

The reasons are many. First of all, Tesla is having a giant recall — 321,000 cars over rear lights not working. That’s the 19th recall of 2022.

You may also “recall” that over the weekend Musk caused more chaos at Twitter. He reinstated accounts from Donald Trump, Kanye West, and several right wing propagandists. Also, after firing 3,700 people including most of those who keep track of right wing and harmful accounts, I can tell you personally that I’ve had to act like a soccer goalie, catching and then blocking or muting a bunch of Tweets from accounts I don’t want to see. They’re pouring in.

keep updating for stock updates…

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