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“Wakanda Forever” made a very robust $67 million this weekend. That’s more than most of the movies on the 50 make in their whole runs.

But is it as popular as “Black Panther,” the original? In a word, no. “Wakanda Forever” fell 63% in its second weekend. “BP” dropped only 45% back in 2019.

The declines came every day this week, and they will follow this week, even with Thanksgiving. The trend would suggest that most people who wanted to see “Wakanda” have seen it. Now it’s time for stragglers and second timers.

But the energy that propelled “Black Panther” to $700 million in the US doesn’t seem to be there. By now, “Black Panther” already had $400 million in the tank. “Wakanda” is running at $287 million. Certainly nothing to sneeze it, but a cold a may be coming. Maybe a lot of fans are waiting for the inevitable run on DisneyPlus? We’ll see…

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