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Very strange story in the New York Post now: that morale at MSNBC is terrible and that CNN is somehow stealing their thunder.

This is actually the opposite of what is true. But seems like the Post is writing this on behalf of Fox News for Rupert Murdoch et al. Literally everything in the article is the reverse of reality.

Maybe Fox News is worried that MSNBC is growing its audience quickly. It’s doing far better than CNN. In fact, MSNBC has literally double the numbers of CNN at every hour.

I don’t know about “morale.” But I’m sure the MSNBC people are happy to have healthy ratings.

Mosr CNN shows average between 600,000 and 700,000 people watching them. Head to head MSNBC comes in between 1.1. million and 1.3 million.

At 9pm, CNN’s host-less hour is trounced by MSNBC’s Alex Wagner, who replaced Rachel Maddow and is starting to find a following.

Of course, Fox News remains the titan all day and night, spewing out misinformation and crank opinions, hoping the elderly or uneducated audience buys whatever they’re selling. But the Murdoch empire must be a little nervous if they’ve turned their aggressively awful PR team on MSNBC. That audience is not going to believe a word from News Corp. They’re too smart.

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