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Adele finally opened her Vegas shows at Caesar’s Palace a year late. She got rave reviews, of course, and people paid thousands of dollars to see her. Her Weekends With Adele goes on through next year. She reportedly told the crowd she was very excited about Sunday night’s series finale of “The Walking Dead,” so I guess no one’s told her there are a bunch of spin off shows coming set in New York, Paris, and god knows where else– Duluth, maybe.

The set opens with “Hello” and includes “Skyfall” and “Rolling in the Deep” and someone like you. What it doesn’t include, strangely, are her two big songs from her first album: Bob Dylan’s “Make You Feel My Love,” and her own “Chasing Pavements.” If I’d spent $20,000 on a pair of tickets, I’d like to hear those songs. I’d ask for a rebate!

Anyway, Adele will now rake in gazillions. Her next album will probably come in 2028. So don’t hold your breath!

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