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SUNDAY UPDATE: Total comes to $2.25 million. That’s it. So Peacock wouldn’t be a bad idea.

UPDATE “She Said” made $670.000 on Friday for an “opening” of $830,000. Not great, certainly. But the movie and its subject and purpose are serious and not be dismissed. I got yelled at a female friend yesterday for the story below. She said I made it sound like this was a trifle. Certainly not. After New Year’s, I think Universal would be smart to put “She Said” on Peacock or even Hulu so it can find a wider audience.


The Beatles once sang, “She said, I know what it’s like to be dead.”

Now the makers of the movie, “She Said,” know what it’s like to be dead at the box office. The movie, about the New York Times investigation into Harvey Weinstein’s sex scandals, is DOA. It made $160,000 last night in previews.

Our Leah Sydney gave it a very positive review, and all told reviews are very good. Carey Mulligan is said to be terrific, as is Patricia Clarkson.

But “She Said” is like “Bombshell,” the movie about Roger Ailes’s sex crimes. Outside of a small group of media people there is no audience for this kind of thing on the big screen. Universal would be smart to just “Bombshell” had big star like Nicole Kidman and even that didn’t help.

This is also not “Spotlight” or “All the President’s Men,” other award winning hits about reporters tracking a story. The stories those movies followed were about important issues that affected a lot of people– the Catholic church. the whole country, etc. The victims in “She Said” are niche, at best. There isn’t a wide concern about what Weinstein did, except among the women and his financiers.

“She Said” will get a couple of acting accolades, but that’s it.

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