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Trump’s big announcement last night — that he’s running for president in 2024 — has been mostly ignored by Rupert Murdoch.

Trump must be seething as the conservative publisher seems to have abandoned him.

There’s barely a mention on Foxnews.com. The only story is buried way into the site with a headline: “Trump ignores GOP rivals and stolen election claims in 2024 presidential announcement”

The worst is the NY Post front page. Nearly the whole page is taken up by another story. At the very bottom a banner reads: “Florida Man Makes Announcement.” The Trump story is inside on Pae 26.

Last night, Sean Hannity– Trump’s last friend– stayed with his own agenda. But when Trump wheezed on into the 10pm hour, Laura Ingraham cut away from him. MSNBC only dipped into highlights of the speech as it proceeded live. Only CNN, with no viewers, carried much of the whoel thing.

Trump’s weaselly kids have abandoned him. The National Review, bible of Conservative thinking, wrote an editorial titled “No.” This is going to end badly.

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