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Here are a couple of things to note as Apple releases the trailer for “Emancipation, their Will Smith movie directed by Antoine Fuqua.

First off, there are no Oscars in the cards for this movie. Will Smith physically attacked someone on the stage of this year’s Oscars. He received a 10 year suspension from the Academy. He should have been arrested. There is no way this movie will be nominated, or he will be invited back. So just forget it. He’s lucky Apple will put it on their TV platform.

Second, the movie looks ridiculous. He’s speaking with some kind of French Creole accent. The black and white is so rich looking it might as well be color. It’s a high studio gloss. The whole project looks inferior in every way to “12 Years a Slave,” a great movie that is fresh in our minds. This looks like one of those holier-than-thou savior movies that Smith likes so much.

Really, that fake accent for two hours, is too much.

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