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“Yellowstone” came back Sunday night for Season 5, and it was a hit with a capital H.

Over 20 million people watched over 14 different Viacom channels on Sunday night. The main channel, Paramount Network, garnered 9.4 million viewers at 8pm. At 9:14pm, 8.4 million either stayed or tuned in for a second showing.

In addition to those two, 12 other Viacom channels showed the premiere. The total comes more or less to 20 million. So people really wanted to see this show. They watched it on MTV, VH1, Comedy Central, all really odd places. But it helps to have a monopoly on cable channels.

So the fix is in as they say. The show’s fans are going to watch this season in the millions. But questions linger about Kevin Costner, whether he’s gotten all he can get from it and wants out. There’s a lot of speculation. Can “Yellowstone” survive without John Dutton? That will be the season cliffhanger, for sure

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