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Taylor Swift got the cold shoulder from the Grammys today, just two nominations — one for Best Song and one for a song in a movie.

But the big ones she expected, for her “Red (Taylor’s Version),” did not come through. The re-recorded album, with extra and new tracks, was thought to be in the running for Album, Record, and vocal nominations. It got none of them.

The new “Red” album sold 2 million copies and has been one of the biggest hits of the last year.

But recording industry insiders may be tilted against re-recorded albums. The only nomination from the record is “All Too Well,” a 10 minute version of a previously recorded song. They had to vote for that one and it might even win in its category.

Of course, next year Swift will be back in the Grammy business with “Midnights,” her current hit album. So we won’t cry too much for her now.

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