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Did you know Sylvester Stallone was on TV? No?

That’s because his first ever series, “Tulsa King,” is streaming only. Paramount TV is keeping it away from the dangers of low ratings. You will not find it on the Paramount Network, like its cousin, “Yellowstone.”

Paramount didn’t want to take any chances — especially since the show has not been received warmly by critics. It sits at a lowly 62% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Stallone’s had a wild summer. For the “Tulsa King” premiere he had to repair his family. His wife of 25 years, Jennifer, filed for divorce this summer. She and Sly really went at it. But cooler heads prevailed when someone realized that “Tulsa King” publicity rounds were coming. Sly didn’t need those nasty questions. So the Stallones are one big happy family again. For now.

We will never know the reality of “Tulsa King” viewership. Apparently, the premise is Tony Soprano arriving in Oklahoma. Really The real Tony Soprano didn’t know where Oklahoma was, and didn’t care. Bada bing!

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