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Congrats to Universal Pictures. They knew how to play this one like a Stradivarius.

George Clooney and Julia Roberts’ “Ticket to Paradise” made another $6 million this weekend. The movie had very low fall off from last weekend — just 29%. Wow. The grand total in the US is now $56 million.

What makes this so interesting is that “Ticket to Paradise” was also released to streaming this past week. And it’s number 1 on the Home Viewing chart. This means that equal numbers of people are seeing it in theaters and in their living rooms. That’s pretty impressive!

Will we see a “Ticket” sequel? Seems certain, no? The squabbling couple will no doubt turn up at another lavish locale to bust up a potential wedding — and cause trouble for their newly married daughter. The thing writes itself into a trilogy — see “Meet the Parents,” etc.

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