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Disney’s stock went off a cliff last week on news of layoffs and cutbacks. The Mouse House is hoping for a major boost on Monday after news of box office for “Wakanda Forever.” Will they get it?

“Wakanda” had a great weekend by any measure. They scored the 13th biggest opening weekend with $180 million. The worldwide total is now $330 million.

Will “Wakanda” keep up this pace? Doubtful, although there’s not much competition in terms of a blockbuster destination movie. Even though it’s not as good or compelling as “Black Panther,” the sequel will still bring in big business for two or three weeks.

Also, the novelty of mourning Chadwick Boseman — the movie’s main theme– may wear off a bit as time goes by. I’ll bet more people go back to watch the original movie. Whatever happens, “Wakanda” is a hit, no surprise, and a bridge to the big finale in two or three years.

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