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It’s going to be a very different “Saturday NIght Live” tonight.

Dave Chappelle has already caused controversy as the host. He’s said a lot of offending things in the past. His choice has caused something of a writers’ strike for the week. Also, except for Kenan Thompson, none of the cast turned up in promos.

On Thursday night, Heidi Gardner — who was going to miss working on the show because she was supposed to interview recently departed cast member Melissa Villasenior at the 92nd St Y — suddenly cancelled. The reason given was “Work related.” Someone must have figured out she was AWOL.

Now NBC star from “SVU” Ice T says he’s a guest on tonight’s show. This is in addition to Black Star as the musical guests. Was Ice T needed to fill gaps in the cast who are unhappy?

All of this could be good ratings for NBC tonight. Everyone loves a car crash. The numbers go up, up, up!

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