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The “Black Panther” sequel, “Wakanda Forever,” was as big as a hit as everyone predicted last night. It made $54 mil. On top of Thursday previews of $28 million, the total opening night reads as $84 freaking million!

“Wakanda Forever” also got an A Cinemascore from audiences. So word of mouth is very good.

This news is especially good for Disney, which announced this week that massive layoffs are coming throughout the Mouse Kingdom. A hiring freeze is going to effect, and employee travel is being restricted. Travel to and from Wakanda will have to be approved by execs at Stark Industries.

Disney’s next blockbuster is “Avatar 2,” the 13 year late sequel to James Cameron’s original movie. Length of the film is a daunting three hours plus. It’s unclear from the trailers they’ve released so far if it’s all animated or if there are some live humans on screen.

Meantime, Universal has played “Ticket to Paradise” just right. Last night the George Clooney-Julia Roberts romcom took in $2 million as it garnered $53 million US and tot al worldwide coming on $150 million. And it’s also the number 1 most watched home video of the week. They’re playing it from both ends and winning like crazy!

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