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Wakanda is forever.

The much anticipated sequel to “Black Panther” took in a huge $28 million last night in previews.

Disney is hoping for more than $175 million for the whole weekend including last night. I think $150-$200 million is more likely. After all, “Thor Love and Thunder” — the last big Marvel release — opened to $29 million in previews. So it’s good to keep expectations in order.

As I wrote yesterday, the film is not great as its own movie. As a tribute memorial to Chadwick Boseman, it’s excellent and reverential. And it sets up a third movie down the line in two or three years.

But Boseman himself is sorely missing from “Wakanda Forever.” The film has no star, and there are some long, very dull stretches that audiences may enjoy for bathroom breaks. They key to the film’s success is a good third act with a couple of surprises.

The weather is dreadful tonight in New York-New Jersey-Connecticut which may affect some box office. But tomorrow morning we should wake up to $75 million opening (including that $28 million). Let’s see!

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