Home Music Madonna’s Daughter Lola Lourdes Leon Drops Soundalike Single with Offensive Title

The music you never wanted or needed is here.

Lola Lourdes Leon, Madonna’s oldest child, has released a single from her new EP. The new song is offensively titled “Cuntradiction.” It sounds like sludge sung by a younger version of Madonna. Lola’s stage name is Lolahol.

Poor Lourdes. We always thought she was the smart one. But now it seems she’s been launched as new-Madonna with videos featuring a lot of slithering and controversial songs. She doesn’t realize Madonna more or less earned the right to do those these things after winning over a pop audience with songs like Lucky Star, Holiday, and Like a Virgin.

This is not going to work. The songs are all electronic and sound very similar to each other. One of them has a male lead singer, and Lola is featured on her own track.

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