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Is Kevin Costner getting ready to exit “Yellowstone”? I wouldn’t be surprised.

Costner didn’t attend the show’s big premiere last week in New York. Reports and reviews of the first episodes of season 5 — coming this Sunday — say he’s not in many scenes. His character, John Dutton, is now the governor of Montana. (LOL.)

Costner is shooting his new movie, “Horizon,” a western, his first directing job in years. The Oscar winner (Dances with Wolves) may feel he’s done his time on TV (he was also in The Hatfields and the McCoys) and is ready to get back to movies. Also, it’s kind of interesting that Paramount is not the studio making “Horizon.” I thought that they’d want to be in business with him for a long time. But he made his deal with Warner’s New Line Cinema.

Will “Yellowstone” ratings be big on Sunday? Hard to say. Season 4 was incredibly popular. When it finished airing. all the “Yellowstone” seasons became top of the chart bestsellers on DVD and streaming. Interesting news: with the show coming back, none of the first four season is charting now. Costner may smell something in the air.

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