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Over the weekend, the ratings clock was ticking away.

Amy Schumer hosted a pretty good episode of “SNL.” The ratings rose to 4.3 million, most viewers so far this season. Steve Lacy was a straightforward musical guest, although he cannot sing on key. (No one cares anymore.)

Schumer was very funny, and got the show off to a good start. Maybe “SNL” will pick up steam now, I know a lot of people are “steamed” about Dave Chappelle as this week’s host. We’ll see how he does.

My favorite thing from Saturday night: the filmed piece about COVID. I laughed out loud.

More ratings news: “White Lotus” — HBO says ratings are up 2% from the first week. On the HBO channel the show had 421,000 viewers. The means another 2 million, by HBO’s count, watched on HBO Max or some other way. Well, we will never know.

The show is getting darker. This week, a lot happens, it’s all sex sex sex so that should drive up the numbers. The following week some really crazy stuff occurs and is said. Creator Mike White is going back to his “Chuck and Buck” roots. Brace yourselves.

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