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Big movie stars are the theme of fall 2022.

Over the weekend, The Rock– Dwayne Johnson — raked in another $18 million for “Black Adam. The total is now $137 million. “Black Adam” has ruled the box office for three weeks. The party is over on Thursday night when “Wakanda Forever” hits theaters. But it’s been a great run.

The other big movie star film is “Ticket to Paradise.” Universal increased its number of theaters to the max this weekend and picked up $8.5 million. Their total is now $46.7 million in addition to $94 million abroad. Worldwide total is a whopping $140 million. The whole thing is very impressive.

Some lower level awards buzzed films are out there, holding their own: “Tar,” “Armageddon Time,” and “The Banshees of Inisherin.” They’re not going to be blockbusters, but they’re real films that will stand the test of time. “Till” is also trying to keep up.

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