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Bono and U2 have ended their relationship with Madonna’s manager, Guy Oseary. They were with him for nine years.

(I must have missed this announcement, which was made a month ago on Yom Kippur. All that fasting…)

Wisely, U2 has moved on to the legendary auspices of Irving Azoff and his son Jeffrey, credited with turning Harry Styles into a superstar. Azoff, a rock and roll titan, also counts The Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, John Mayer, and Earth Wind & Fire among his knockout clients.

U2 was ready for a refresh. Their last few albums — while terrific — have been sales busts. Some of this is credited to the group’s collaboration with Apple eight years ago when the iPhone came with a U2 album no one asked for. The result was very bad publicity. Bono takes full responsibility for the project in his new book, absolving Oseary.

Since then, Oseary has signed, apart from his longterm friend Madonna, Red Hot Chili Peppers. But they are hardly U2, which could fill a huge void in 2023 with a new album and world tour.

Signing with the Azoffs’ Full Stop is a no brainer. I have never seen anything like the Harry Styles situation in decades. The Azoffs signed Styles when he was in One Direction, and have moved him only in one direction since — UP. They deserve an award for genius in this matter.

So that’s why Oseary was not on hand last night for Bono’s “Surrender” book launch, which has been marketed and merched to the nth degree. No stone left unturned. Bravo!

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