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If you’re looking for signs of a recession, or even worries about Times Square, last week’s Broadway grosses may provide some answers.

Of 27 shows (not counting Mike Birbiglia’s one man show that didn’t play a full week) only 2 went over 100% capacity. They were “MJ: The Michael Jackson Musical.” And “Phantom of the Opera,” which is closing soon.

Otherwise, all attendance is down for the third or fourth week in a row. Even Hugh Jackman in “The Music Man” isn’t hitting 100%.

Also suffering are box office perennials like “Wicked,” “The Lion King,” “Harry Potter,” and “The Book of Mormon.”

Then there are newer shows like “Into the Woods,” “Leopoldstadt,” “Top Dog/Underdog,” “The Piano Lesson,” and “Death of a Salesman.” If you love Broadway, and live theater, you must see these in particular. They cannot be missed.

And let’s not forget “Hadestown,” the Best Musical from two years ago, still incredibly wonderfully entertaining.

Times Square is safe, as is all of the theater district. And this is a great time to get discount tickets online, especially at tdf.org.

Tomorrow night comes “Almost Famous,” the musical based on the beloved Cameron Crowe movie. I’ll tell you all about it Friday morning. I’m going to love it no matter what!

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