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“Saturday Night Live” picked up around 400,000 viewers on Saturday from the previous week. total viewers were 4.1 million after three weeks lingering around 3.7 million.

Rapper Jack Harlow was the host and musical guest, but wiser heads prevailed. Tom Hanks was brought in as a stealth player, appearing as his popular David S. Pumpkins character.

Also, “SNL” album Bobby Moynihan turned as the Drunk Uncle and stole the show. All of this helped give the currently ailing show a Halloween bounce. (They should really get him to return full time. During Weekend Update, when he called Colin Jost “Seth,” it was a flash of brilliance. )

With all of this help, “SNL” seemed a little better than it had in recent weeks. The added return of Cecily Strong is huge. She is the show’s leading lady. But what they’re lacking is a leading man. When Hanks arrived, that was made obvious. Kenan Thompson is always brilliant comic relief. Mikey Day is also comic first. The show needs a Bill Murray, Chevy Chase, even a Beck Bennett.

Next up: Amy Schumer, who is a Star, whether you like her or not, as host. She will fill a lot of gaps.

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