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This Tuesday we’re getting the biggest book drop in recent memory.

Circle November 1st for three huge non fiction seller best sellers coming to stores, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble.

The fastest seller will be Matthew Perry’s confessional about his drug and alcohol addiction. The “Friends” star is coming with “Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing.” Overhyped already, the book is already number 1 on amazon. We won’t know until Tuesday morning if Perry’s publicists have left anything out of the gossip columns or his Diane Sawyer interview. Maybe somewhere in the book he’ll offer a theory for why he fell into such despair.

Also coming Tuesday two rock and roll books we can’t live without: Bono’s “Surrender,” and Bob Dylan’s “The Philosophy of Modern Song.” I can’t wait to read both of them. Dylan’s book contains his evaluation of 60 popular songs plus a lot of autobiographical material and observations. It costs $37.95 on amazon.

Bono’s “Surrender” covers his 40 favorite songs, and is already number 8 on amazon. Bono has a big book event on Tuesday night at the Beacon Theater, as well.

If you can, buy these books at an independent book store in your area. Just walk over there and pick ’em up. We must preserve these stores. In my neighborhood, that would be Three Lives, Shakespeare & Co., or McNally Jackson.

More on these books Tuesday after midnight…

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