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Movie stars are back!

The biggest movie of 2022 is Tom Cruise in “Top Gun Maverick.”

Now Julia Roberts and George Clooney’s rom com “Ticket to Paradise” is slowly turning into a mega hit.

Over the weekend, the star vehicle earned $10 million. That’s only down 39% from last week. That’s the smallest drop among all titles this weekend.

Why? Why not? It’s a tepid movie, for sure. Not great sophistication. But it’s a beautiful travelogue set in Bali. And there’s no sex, or violence. Or bad language. It’s perfectly harmless. The stars are beautiful. The laughs are on a par with “The Love Boat” from the 1980s.

And that’s what works! In real life, Trump is burning down the country, a dozen or more other crazy politicians are saying or doing crazy things all day long. There’s a war in Ukraine, immigration stress, election chaos, inflation– the list of pressures is long.

But there’s Julia and George, and two hours of peace and quiet in that theater. “Ticket to Paradise” is already up to $33 million after two weeks. My guess is, it keeps going and going!

What’s next? Jennifer Aniston and Kevin Costner? Watch this space…

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