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Are things this bad?

Two time Oscar winner Robert De Niro, one of the greats, and John Malkovich, a fine, fine actor, have stooped very low.

The pair star in a “D” called “Savage Salvation.” It’s the bottom of the barrel, coming from junk shop Emmett Furla Films. It’s actually directed vy Randall Emmett. This is the company that churns out all the crap starring Bruce Willis and/or John Travolta.

To get financed, “Savage Salvation” may break record: it has 42 people with producer credits. That’s the longest list I’ve ever seen. Maybe each one of these people was conned into investing $10,000 apiece.

The distributor of “Savage Salvation” is called The Avenue Entertainment. They only produce movies no one in the US sees unless they’re on Spirit Airlines, or they’re being held hostage in a foreign country. Their movies a are lot like “Bowfinger.” Stars are in them but don’t know it!

I am so sorry De Niro and Malkovich were talked into this. On December 2nd, hold your breath until this stink cloud passes.

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