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Showtime is heading for the hills.

The also ran cabler has cancelled Kevin Bacon’s “City on a Hill.” They never did anything to promote it, and the series in its third season averaged only 200,000 viewers a week.

With another unpromoted, unloved series, “Billions,” coming to an end, Showtime is basically a desert now. The only series they have left that anyone knows about is “Yellowjackets.” Season 2 will start next year, presumably.

Showtime says the “City on Hill” decision was made a long time ago. But the rumor is the cabler will be merged with the Paramount Network and/or Paramount Plus. The whole network is a mystery. They do nothing to try and get awards for their shows. Every time they have some quality in hand, they look the other way. Just think– they had Kevin Bacon — no Emmy love. Paul Giamatti, Damian Lewis — same thing. Crazy.

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