Home Television LOL The People’s Choice Awards Nominations Are Here, and They are Hilarious

The People’s Choice Awards are back! This is the exact bottom of the awards barrel. This year’s nominees are completely hilarious. Look at their main category, The Drama Movie of 2022. In what bizarro alternative universe does this take place? Of all these nominees, only “Elvis” would stand a chance to be in a real awards show. The rest, I mean, oy gevalt. I’m actually shocked they didn’t include “Top Gun Maverick.”

Anyway, pay no attention to this miserable carnival. All the winners are arranged in advance and it’s shown live on NBC (wow they are desperate to fill time) and the E! channel on December 6th. I’m hopeful that “Halloween Ends” wins this category.

Death on the Nile
Don’t Worry Darling
Halloween Ends
Luckiest Girl Alive
Where the Crawdads Sing

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