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Kanye West losing his recording contract and other businesses is bringing out comments from his associates. I told you in my last post that NFL linebacker Antonio Brown is sticking with West as the head of his moot Donda Sports.

Kanye has a lot of musicians, engineers, and producers who work for him assembling his albums. Presumably, their business is shot now. So how are they taking it?

One long time producer, Andrew Dawson, is a mensch. He wrote on social media that he’s making donations to the Anti-Defamation League, the NAACP, and other civil rights organizations.

Mike Dean, another of West’s long time producers, the guy who actually writes the “music” that shows up in Kanye constructions, has a different view. He’s worried that he’s going to lose his income stream.

Dean reponded to Dawson with this observation:

“Careful tho. Those royalties will shrink. Sucks. He’s hurting all his collaborators too”

Good to see everyone has their priorities straight!

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